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Brookefield layout residents install 300 terminals at Rs 2 lakh for bridge

Parking for taxis and private vehicles created problems for pedestrians in Brookefield Layout. In August of this year, they decided to do something.

The Brookfield Layout Residents Association, which has 16-20 apartment complexes with 1,500 residents, was formed in 2014. The group pools money – each apartment contributes Rs 100-200. They collect approximately Rs 50,000 each month which are used for the maintenance of the locality. They mobilize staff to clean the roads and even unblock the local sewers twice a day.

Brookefield’s development road was initially 18 feet wide and residents wanted it widened. They first approached the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) but did not find support for it. Then they approached a company which gave them the land to widen their route. Once the road was widened, the parking problem started. So they decided to design a catwalk.


Brookefield Layout resident Arvind Keerthi said, “We created the design and got BBMP approval for the installation of the bollards. The approval took a while and then we were good to go. All the residents financed the crowd and together we collected 2 lakh Rs, for the installation of terminals on a stretch of 1 km. In total, more than 300 stations have been installed. We contacted the manufacturers who came and put the reflective stickers on.

The whole project was completed three days ago and many residents are seen using the walkway, those who used the vehicles to travel to nearby communities have started using the walkway. “The whole town is a clean stretch. All this is done thanks to the contribution of the community. The pedestrian bridge was icing on the cake, as many people started to use it. Some even click on images of it, ”said one resident.

Keerthi pointed out that the community has also led many clean streets initiatives in the past and also got involved in the rejuvenation of Puttenhalli and Kundalahalli Lake. He said the wait from government officials only delays work. “If every citizen comes together, a great change can be achieved,” he said.

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