Porsche 718 Cayman EV retains “mid-engine” configuration

“With a typical two-door sports car, you see that the car is really low because to reduce drag you want a silhouette that is as low and flat as possible,” Steiner said. “To do this, the driver needs to be seated as low as possible, and if you do, there’s no room for a battery under the driver’s seat.

“This is the same reason why many super sports cars today have a mid-engined design, with the engine behind the driver. With current battery cell technology, batteries are the biggest and heaviest part of the car – and that could be true for the next decade or so – so we developed what we call the battery design. -core. From a packaging and center of gravity perspective, it’s more or less a copy of a mid-engine design.

Steiner added that the design also facilitates weight distribution and balance, especially with the Mission R Concept’s two electric motors – one on each axle – geared towards rear power. But while the Mission R concept uses a specially tailored platform, Steiner echoed Blume in ruling out such an architecture for production models.

“There is no platform that is unaffected by electrification, but the only platform in our portfolio that might not change much would be for mid-engined cars like the Boxster and Cayman,” Steiner said. . “Ten years ago we started with electrification prototypes with this mid-engine setup because you could use the engine and transmission space for the battery.

“But we decided within Porsche, starting with the Taycan, that we weren’t going to do a conversion type design, with room for an internal combustion engine, a plug-in hybrid or all-electric options, because there always has a compromise on weight, packaging and other dimensions.

“So even for mid-engined cars, we still see a good reason to just design a fully electric platform. That could change, but not in the next few years.

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