Multitasking on Windows 11 could improve with Snap Layout and Virtual Desktop features, here’s how

  • Multitasking should be made easier Windows 11.
  • Users can use multiple virtual desktops on a single computer without having to purchase another monitor.
  • Users can group apps into grids like Android or iOS devices.

Windows 11 will begin rolling out from October 5. Many of you may be wondering what the latest generation Windows operating system brings to the table. Well, there are a lot of new upgrades to the design, layout, and multitasking feature improvements.

According to Microsoft, most PCs that can work Windows 10 should be compatible with Windows 11. Here we take a look at the additional features available on the next Windows upgrade that will make multitasking even better. These features include the creation and management of virtual desktops and the instant layout feature to structure your screen.

Virtual offices

If you are someone who needs to create different desktops for work, school, and personal use, you won’t need to get a new monitor since Windows 11 lets you manage multiple virtual desktops and switch over. between them.

You can customize the background of each of the virtual desktops as you like. If you want to view or create new virtual desktops, you can scroll through the task view in the taskbar or click the Windows key and the Tab key at the same time. This functionality is similar to that found in macOS for creating virtual desktops.

Instant layout

The Snap layout feature allows users to group multiple apps together in a grid, just like you can on Android or iOS devices. This feature can allow users to better organize their screens and clear the clutter. Another snap layout feature is the Snap Group feature. This feature allows users to split their screen and view all open windows and apps on one screen without having to switch between them.

Using Snap Layouts, all you need to do is hover your mouse over the Maximize button in any open window. You can choose a layout to divide the screen and click on the area of ​​that layout to position the open window on the desired area on the screen. You can continue to do this for multiple windows and organize them all on a single split screen. This feature will allow users to take multitasking to another level.

More will be known about what these features have to offer when Windows 11 rolls out to compatible devices.


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