Google is testing a new Material Design layout for search

The research could get a facelift in the coming months. It looks like Google is currently experimenting with a revamped version of its Material Design layout for its search engine service, as keen-eyed Reddit users have noticed.

Here are some screenshots to check out for comparison. The first is the old design, the second is the revamped version:

Unlike the previous version, the new format has much more defined borders and accentuates the old view of the card box. It is not yet clear how widespread the test is, but TNW employees still see the old design.

Since its introduction in 2014, the Big G has gradually updated its extensive range of applications with Material Design.

Starting with research, the company ultimately brought aesthetics to YouTube and Chrome – both the browser and the operating system.

Still, it’s not unusual for Google to polish its designs. Indeed, last year, the internet titan updated their material design guidelines to help creatives find the best color theme for their products. He also released this handy color tool which helps you effortlessly create lovely color patterns.

We’ve reached out to Google for further feedback on the Material Design layout update and will share more details if we have any news.

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