Could the BMW i3 Change the Electric Car Field?

BMW i3 Change the Electric Car FieldBMW is looking to compete with Tesla and other companies that are making electric cars with its own model. The BMW i3 is expected to be a real competitor based on not only its ability to handle electric power but also for how the car can really move down the road.

How Far Can It Move?

The BMW i3 has a battery that will go about 81 miles before it has to be recharged. This is equal to having close to 124 mpg on the road. In fact, this has been ruled by the EPA to be the most fuel efficient vehicle around thanks to how its engine to able to move around with so little effort.

What About Charging?

The process of charging the vehicle is not all that hard to do. Any type of wall socket can be used to charge up the vehicle. In fact, BMW makes the I Wallbox to come with the vehicle. This can be installed in one's home and will work as an ideal space for charging the vehicle.

A Faster Speed

It can take about seven seconds for the car to go from 0 to 60 mph. The 250 Nm of torque will be available for use right from the start when getting the vehicle up and running. What makes this all the more impressive is that the car is practically silent when it does this. The electric motor is much quieter than the traditional gas motor that one might typically use.

Less Energy Is Used

The energy used inside the vehicle is much less than what one might get out of a typically vehicle. This makes it easier to maintain while also keeping the battery from wearing out. LEDs are used for lighting purposes while the E-drive feature will take energy from the wheels as they move and put it back into the battery. This will create torque that may be used when braking, thus allowing the vehicle to slow down without too much effort coming out of doing so. It makes for a more energy-efficient vehicle as the battery will not drain quickly due to the use of various features on the inside of the car.

A Light Weight

One problem with many electric cars is that they tend to be rather heavy and can take a while to move. The BMW i3 is much smaller than other models in that it is only about 2,600 pounds in weight. This is rather light when compared with the Tesla Model S, a car that is about 4,600 pounds heavy. This light weight could really be a game-changer considering how it makes it easier for the vehicle to operate without using too much force.

The BMW i3 could really work towards competing quite well in the electric car industry. This vehicle has plenty of fine features that make it different and unique while also standing out when it moves. It is no surprise that a car company as popular as BMW would get into this field and it is doing so by going after quite a bit of power and energy support in its vehicle.

How Do Drowsy Driver Warnings Work?

Drowsy Driver WarningsFatigue can be difficult to anyone who is going to drive for a while. Fatigue can cause anyone to become tired and inattentive. This could really cause someone to get into a dangerous situation on the road. However, there is one interesting feature that is being made available in a variety of vehicles.

The drowsy driver detection system is unique when it comes to all the different types of safety features one has to work with. This is being used on all sorts of vehicles. Ford has its Driver Alert program, Volkswagen has the Fatigue Detection System and Mercedes-Benz has the Attention Assist feature. The odds are that more companies are going to star offering this feature on their cars.

These warnings are very interesting for all car drivers to see. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are always going to work. As fascinating of a technology as it can be, it is not something that is totally perfect just yet.

How Does It Work?

The drowsy driver warning system works through the use of a monitor. This may come from a camera that uses facial recognition software. This software will analyze cases of unusual behavior. In many cases this might include times when someone appears to be nodding off or when the driver is trying to keep one's eyes open for as long as possible. If a person appears to be moving too much then it might create an alarm.

If the system identifies questionable behaviors then the driver may end up being alerted. This often comes with a beep and with an icon on the dash. This will suggest that the driver pulls over and gets help to stay awake or to have someone else take the wheel. This is done to keep the driver from being at risk of being harmed while driving.

Can It Work?

This can be an appealing feature but it is not always going to be useful. The fact is that the software that is used in this type of program may not always be fully functional. That is, the program might end up being lacking in terms of responding to different things that the driver is doing.

Sometimes the alarm might end up being false. This can include cases where a person who looks normal might be interpreted by the camera as someone who is drowsy even if that is not the case. As a result, this could cause the signal to be up and running for the entire trip.

Drowsy driver warnings are important for all to think about. If a person is drowsy while driving then that person may be at real risk of being in a wreck. The warnings that many new cars are using can help drivers but it is important to watch for how they might be useful. There is no guarantee that such a system might be fully functional every single time one needs it. It is still an appealing feature that should potentially get better as more work goes into making it as effective as it could be.

What To Do When Buying a GPS For the Car

Buying a GPS For the CarA GPS device can be ideal for use in your car. Many cars are using different GPS units that are built into their bodies and will help you out with getting from one point to the next no matter where you have to go. However, this does not mean that every single GPS unit out there is going to be worthwhile.

If you are going to buy a GPS unit for your car then you will have to be aware of what you're buying. There are many models out there and you will have to be aware of what you might need when finding a model that fits in well for your goals.

What Updates Are There?

You should see if a GPS unit can come with updates. That is, it should be a unit that can be updated through a wireless online connection. You might also link it up to a computer to download software in some cases. Either way, if you can get free updates then you can ensure that the maps you will have on your unit will always be active.

What About Real Time Information?

You might need to see if there's real time information available with regards to traffic reports and alerts. This can be made possible through a model that has access to different wireless online networks. Real time information can help you find out what routes you should avoid due to serious traffic issues and other commonplace problems that you might find on the road. You'll notice from this site that there are many great ways how GPS systems can work for the goals you've got.

Can You Control It?

The control features that come with GPS models will vary based on what you buy. You might find that some models are designed with easy to manage touchscreen systems while others may have buttons. Either way, you have to compare what is open so you can find a model that you know you can actually control without any problems. If you can find a voice-activated or controlled model then you might have a much easier time using it while keeping your hands on the steering wheel.

Consider Destinations

Many units can help you to find gas stations, hotels, restaurants and other points of interest. This is provided that it has a link to a map that has information on all of these places. Take a look at how detailed the map on such a GPS can be when buying one. If it has information on everything you can use in such a unit then you can really benefit from what is listed on it.

If you are able to find a good GPS unit for your car then you might find it easier for you to get to your destination regardless of where it might be. Make sure when buying such a unit that you are aware of how it works and what it will come with so you will be properly prepared the next time you hit the road. It could mean the difference between getting to your destination and being lost.

Can You Get a Faster YouTube Site If You Buy YouTube Views?

Car VideoWhile you could technically get more people to show up to your YouTube channel if you buy views, you need to do some other things to make it more viable. Much of this involves the posting videos with certain standards that will be rather easy for you to manage. If you are able to use the right standards to help with getting more YouTube views then you will find that it is not all that hard for you to get the most out of the videos you are trying to work with.

Watch For Resolution

Video ResolutionsYouTube videos can be displayed in many resolution levels including at 1080p. You need to watch for how the resolution on your videos can work though. Not all computers can handle high-definition videos and the ones that can many not always want to wait a little extra just to get their videos available in HD quality.

Recording videos in lower quality always helps as it makes sure that the videos will load fast when people do actually watch them online. If you record the video properly and upload it to where it won't take up too much disc space then it should not be all that hard to load up. If your resolution is sensible and easy to work with then you might have a much easier time with managing whatever it is you want to use on your website. Be careful when making it work so you'll know what you can expect when getting your videos loaded up the right way.

Check Your Bandwidth

You can also see if the bandwidth for your videos is working properly. That is, the video should not be forcing more data being more down a network than possibly. Check to see if the video's size is sensible and if you need to condense or compress the quality before uploading, for instance.

Although you can buy YouTube views from Qqtube, it helps to schedule the views that show to work at an off-peak time of the day. This is to see that the video will be accessible at a time when the bandwidth for it really is needed. If you clog up the bandwidth too much during peak hours then people may be turned off by your work and not be interested in seeing what you have.

Watch Your Tags

The tags that you place on a video can take a while to load up if you have too many of them or they are far too confusing. Limit your tags to ones that are sensible and easy to read without clogging up so much space on your computer. Keeping these tags in check is always important to do so you will understand what you have to work with.

Make sure you are aware of how you are using YouTube for your plans at large when you are trying to make people see your work. Buying views helps but if you can do that alongside plans to make your videos get around faster then you will certainly have an easier time with getting your videos to be seen by more people.